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2019 and ONWARDS!
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6th Aug 2019

My plan for 2019 and onwards.

So summer is hot, and EvE is taking a back seat, for many of us!

But the plans have started for my next steps!   Not all will follow, not all will see this as fun, and I understand that!  This has to be a fun game for everyone, including myself!

Welcome to the birth of Parabellum.   (note the dot)

What is Parabellum?   Literally it is latin for "Prepare for war"

I need to kill people, but even with Blackout, Null and Low Sec are still Capitals Online.  Wormholes are still hard work.  
I want to know that when I log in, there is something to do! 

How does this work in EvE?   Well - we joined Final, and it looked good! 
Until we actually joined, and found out it was a paper house.
It was nothing more than a website.. but it was a nice website!

There is 1 Merc group in High Sec,  PIRAT!  And they are good, large and have their modus operandi!
What I would like to do, is start a High Sec Merc group with Honour.
No random war dec's - if we are deccing you its cause we are paid or as allies.
When we are not paid, we will be doing things together (as a corp) -  NPCing,   Mission Running,  Even the Odd Mining Op - as we want to be dishing out ships for Merc Operations.

We are primary EU based!  To do this, we need multi timezone, so we need an alliance.
Once we have made a name, and other corps wish to join then we will make an alliance
CEO's and 1 other will create an alliance leadership.
FC's will have permission to create fleets - and there will be an offical FC list!

I want to supply doctrines, further down the road, but we will have PROPER FLEET DOCTRINES!
For ALPHA and OMEGA pilots!  As well as Skill Plans for newer players!
But we will have a SHIP REQUIREMENT LIMIT (Have 20M SP in Science ain't much use).
If you can not fly X ship - do not join!   

At first to do wars, we will put a cheap ass Citadel in the arse end of no where!   If someone pops it - so be it.
One day I'd like a Fortizar in High Sec - we will need numbers to defend this!

We have an alliance, we have a plan.. we need a few things, and to confirm a few things!

EVIL TURTLES WILL REMAIN - and will become the ONLY Turtle corp.  They will control Glory.
We will still have Glory, and they will NEVER hold assets in HS - so will be War Immune,
They will also take over Chelo, the alliance!

So it is decision time...   The new Corp will take a couple of weeks to get up and running, but during this tme we will be transfering assets and characters.
I'll post again once we are open for business!

I have loved this past 2 years, but like EvE, we must adapt or die!   Some may think this is something else, not their game, and you leave with my thanks!


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7th Aug 2019

Change can be a good thing. Turtles has been both fun, eye opening, and maybe most important very educational for me. As a CEO Evil you have been far and beyond exceptional and extremely dedicated to our corp. I guess there will always be 'spreadsheets', lol. I'd like to continue on with you and everyone else along your chosen space path. I sense fame or infamy and maybe some isk. I am certain it will interesting and fun. I'd like to thank you to you and Sel especially, but everyone else in our corp that have helped me, taught me, and yes 'f'd' with me, making my experience in Eve worthwhile. What can I do to help?

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18th Aug 2019

I'm starting to move alts across to new corp - testing out permissions etc.. Hoping to open up next weekend!
Joined: 30th May 2017
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19th Aug 2019

Monday 19th August (today) - Everything External is set in the new corporation.
Tuesday 20th August - Setting up In Game Permissions
Wednesday and Thursday 21st\22nd August (Wednesday) - If your online - walk through application process
Sunday 25th - All assets in Glory will be moved to Evil Turtles - All Assets in Empire will be moved to Parabellum. (note the dot).
Monday 26th - Start open recruitment - so if you've not joined on the Wed/Thurs fire on now...
Week of the 26th - checking things work as we expect.- some in corporation operations (pve)
1st of September - we start shooting things... This forum will die. EVIL TURTLES chat channel will close (with a message to the new chat channel) The other turtle corps will be shutdown (so your chars maybe kicked - sorry)....

All standings will remain! It is 100% for sure, some permissions will get messed up.. Just drop EVIL as mail or shout in channel Sel or Myself will sort it out.

Bear with us - change is hard - ADAPT OR DIE!


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